Are You Ready? Ubisoft Confirms Far Cry 5

By Shelby Paddison

Ubisoft, on it’s official forum page, have confirmed the development of Far Cry 5. The logo, as seen above, is the only information Ubisoft are willing to share at this point, but the community developer has reminded people to stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, fans are beginning to speculate what newest member of the Far Cry family might look like. It will likely contain all of the usual ingredients found in a Far Cry game: hunting animals, taking over enemy encampments, picking plants, hijacking radio towers, and picking off enemies with weapons that look suspiciously like the weapons from the previous game.

So what exactly do we want from Far Cry 5? I won’t be the first to say that the multiplayer in previous Far Cry games has often felt a little underwhelming, so that might be a good place to start. A map editor that functions smoothly with new multiplayer modes would go down nicely, too. It might be a first-person-shooter series, but it comes finely laced with an open-world adventure feel, so I’d personally like to see an emphasis on the adventure part. And, of course, a brand new story. What I don’t want to see is a reskin of Far Cry 4, or its spin off, Far Cry: Primal.

Far Cry 3 was and always will be my favourite of the series. The story was good, the visuals were clean, and progression through the game came naturally. It felt unrushed, given that it had been four years since Far Cry 2. Then came Far Cry 4, just two years later, and while this game - in true Far Cry fashion - had the beautiful visuals and the captivating story line, I couldn’t help but feel I was being rushed through the game, and consequently, rushed through the series. What felt like barely ten minutes after I finished Far Cry 4, Far Cry: Primal was now on the shelves. Picking up speed like this, like Ubisoft did with the Assassin's Creed series, is never a good move. Fans notice replicated maps, poorly-written dialogue, and a lack of attention to detail. We don’t want ten rushed, poorly-executed Far Cry games, we just want a small handful of really good ones. Here’s to hoping Ubisoft have taken the time to build a Far Cry that won’t be forgotten about and replaced two years from now.

Far Cry 5, along with three other recently announced Ubisoft titles, is set for release sometime in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

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