Strafe: A 90’s Throwback Nostalgic Video Game

By Madison Pittman

Strafe, developed by Pixel Titans, is a fun and intense first-person shooting game that was released on May 9th, 2017 to have bleeding edge graphics and gameplay. Known as “the fastest, bloodiest, most action-packed first shooter game of 1996.” No need to adjust your screen, Strafe is oddly pixelated with retro filled monsters and isn’t actually from 1996. Strafe allows players to take a trip to memory lane, seeking to capture the fun of an old school 1990’s first-person shooter video game and similar to Doom and Quake.



Strafe is made to be disorderly for it’s players from time to time due to so many enemies, explosions, dodging bullets and plenty of guts! Different from anything it undermines, is the speed of the game. You’re given one weapon, and can only swap it out for limited upgrades, which are designed for menial labor rather than being efficient. A plan of action involves learning how to use your various weapons upgrades against your enemies.




Moving is your best way to survive, as there is no cover. Your health does not recharge. Some enemies will charge at you ready to defeat you in this fun, gory game of life and death. You end up carefully moving along like you’re playing Dark Souls, while trying to use a sniper to snipe monsters from a distance.



Strafe has also received attention from a show that has recently shown to be similar to 90’s nostalgia called Stranger Things which a lot of you watch on Netflix. If you interested in playing Strafe, it is now available on all PC, OSX, and Playstation 4.

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