Twitch Gains A New Competitor In

By Tyler Brooks

Announced yesterday, a new live-streaming service has risen from the merger of and With intents to compete with Twitch as the largest independent streaming platform outside of Asia.

Up until early this year, Hitbox and Azubu have had a history of difficulty in competing with the live-streaming giant. Hitbox’s acquisition of Azubu, and subsequent re-branding, aims to change that. With viewer-centric features including a viewer engagement system called the “Hype-O-meter” that allows viewers to cheer for their favorite e-sports teams, as well as a new business model that focuses on interactive advertising, sponsorships, and virtual goods sales as opposed to subscriptions and donations, SmashCast aims to rival in a new and innovative way.

Mike McGarvey, Smashcast CEO, says the hype-o-meter “represents just the first step in our long-term vision to create the best broadcaster-to-viewer experience in the world of esports and competitive gaming.”

The company also announced yesterday the launching of a new 4k-ready production facility based in Vienna, Austria, that is set to represent the innovative perspective of the company in its efforts to further blend the worlds of competitive gaming and official e-sports.

“The new Vienna production facility is a key next step for us in ensuring the quality of support we provide our broadcasting and publishing partners,” remarked European Managing Director, Martin Klimscha.

SmashCast has already announced a monthly active user peak of around 20 Million for the year of 2016, and seeks substantial growth in viewership through its quality broadcaster-to-viewer experience, low-cost tech solutions, and innovative independent content.

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