Geforce Now is becoming more expensive for new subscribers

Nvidia Geforce Now

If you had planned to jump on and test Geforce Now, you will unfortunately have to pay the new price, which is double what it was before.

Nvidia announces now that their streaming service Geforce Now will be more expensive, previously the price was SEK 50 a month or SEK 250 for 6 months. But now it’s time for a price increase and that they change the name of the account.

The new name is now “Priority” and to take advantage of this, the new price is SEK 99 a month or SEK 999 for an entire year.

However, if you are already a subscriber to Geforce Now today and want to continue to be so, the old price will follow as long as you continue your membership. Nvidia announces that one goal they have is to expand Geforce Now and make more games ready already at launch day and improve as much as they can the gaming experience itself.