Genshin Impact – beautiful fantasy adventure in anime format

Tested game: Genshin Impact
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Android and IOS.

Genshin Impact is a new RPG game that has exploded in popularity. It is played in an open world with characters who have different magical abilities. The style is inspired by Japanese anime, and by setting the language to Japanese, you can get the extra intense anime feeling. Genshin Impact is free to play, released on September 28 and developed by Mihoyo, a Chinese game developer.

The game has been compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One reason is the similarities in the landscape and how to interact with it, among other things by collecting food and hunting animals, climbing and swimming. Basically, however, the games have completely different starting points, with different, unique actions and characters, as well as different fighting styles and tactics.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
Genshin Impact was released on September 28 and is already one of the most popular games right now.

The game takes place in an open world, where you can move freely and defeat different monsters, discover new areas while completing different missions and leveling up your characters at the pace and order you want. The cartoon feel in the animation could have made the graphics feel less high-resolution, but everything flows and the surroundings feel pleasant and beautiful. An extra plus is the incredible soundtrack that makes us live into the story even more.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
Genshin Impact has an open world that is soothing and beautiful. You can explore the world independently or with other level 16 players.

The action

At the beginning of the game, we are introduced to the basic plot where a crackling animated scene takes place. It presents two twins who have traveled through different worlds all their lives, until a god suddenly blocks the roads between the worlds and captures the siblings in the world where the game takes place. You get to choose which twin you want to play as, and the god then kidnaps the other twin.

The ultimate goal is to save your twin from this scary god. After this, you meet the one who will then become your companion through the game, a small flying character named Paimon who talks about himself in the third person with a squeaky voice. Throughout the game you will meet new characters where some of them become part of your team that you can use to defeat opponents.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
You can choose from different characters to play. Some are better for melee and others are better at distance.

Beginner friendly but not boring

Genshin Impact has a soft tone and a patience to let us learn the game at our own pace. The tempo increases slowly but new elements are introduced without urgency. If you are new to quest-based games in an open world, this is a perfect introduction, as the game allows you to complete tasks with just the right amount of difficulty. It feels challenging but still relatively easy to handle. The game never leaves us bored, but there is a risk that it lacks excitement for the experienced player. The game is a solo player until you have reached level 16, then you can play with other players and complete challenges together.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
There is a lot to explore in the game. To facilitate travel, you can teleport between different stations to save time.

You can unlock different teleportation towers so that you can move quickly between different areas on the map. This way, you can also return to the city easily if you need to buy goods, materials for weapons or talk to an important character.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
Your characters have different abilities and special attacks. Use them wisely to defeat the opponent.

Different weapons and forces

During battle, you can switch between your different characters and you can use a maximum of four pieces. They all have different weapons and abilities. Some are effective for melee combat, other forces work better at a distance, such as magic. The characters also have different elements that can be used with their special abilities, for example, ice, fire, electricity or water. The characters can also unfold a pair of wings that allow them to sail safely from high altitudes.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
You face different types of challenges during the game. Sometimes there are bosses you have to defeat to get open chests with rewards.

Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm and in addition to being played by every other gamer, it is also one of the most streamed games on Twitch right now. There’s really no reason for you not to play it – it’s free and sucks in even you who do not otherwise play similar games.

Genshin Impact - new popular rpg game
If you jump from a high altitude, your character can unfold a pair of wings that you can use to glide down to the ground safely.