About Us

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You may know GameGuiders from the early days of 2012, or you may not, it doesn't really matter. What you see before you is the new incarnation of GameGuiders, 'bigger and better than ever before', as they say. Our mission is to keep the gaming community informed on the latest and greatest of gaming news and hype. We aim for fair, unbiased coverage of everything from the industry's biggest names to the small, indie game developers. Our dedicated staff from all over the world have one goal: to bring authentic opinion to topics that matter. We bring passion, we bring love, and we may occasionally bring rage – we are gamers, after all. Like all good publications, we'll bring you the breaking news as quickly as possible, but in our spare time we'll also bring you featured stories, podcasts, and reviews (both written and recorded). At GameGuiders, we strive to put the best content on the internet, and we are grateful to everyone who has made that possible.