Hey, Game Devs!

By admin

You have a game; we have gamers.  We don’t mean to brag, but those gamers are pretty damn good at writing, too, and they want to write about your game.  Be it dark, fluffy, gory, or outright outrageous, we’re accepting submissions from all across the board.  You know that unknown indie title that you’ve had sitting in a drawer collecting dust?  We want to write about it.  That silly adventure game you made that‘s in alpha release? We want to write about that, too.  We also accept well-polished, mega releases, should you have one.  That being said, our focus is on the underdogs, the games that haven’t had their time in the spotlight yet.

GameGuiders, like you, is getting older and wiser every day.  As we grow, our game writers get hungry. They need those wacky indie horror titles to write about, they need the artsy RPGs and the mind-blowing shooters to review.  It’s in their DNA. Give them a game to play — if they like it, they’ll write about it.  If they don’t like it, we’ll still write about it (in the nicest way possible).  No press is bad press, right? Maybe not.  But we’ll be gentle with your games, we promise.

It should be noted that for a game to get the most of its 15 minutes of fame, it needs to be ready. We want games, not concepts, not essays, not a promise or an IOU for a game you plan to make. You can email us and talk all day about that incredible game idea you have, that’s absolutely fine, but don’t expect us to write about something that doesn’t exist. We’re a small team, and there are a gazillion games out there.  If we start writing about potential games, we’ll never find the time to talk about the real ones.  So, please, send us your real games, and we’ll get to work on it real quick.

You can get in touch by emailing here.  Feel free to send us some background information, and don’t forget to include a link to your game!

The GameGuiders team.