Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut classifi on PS5 and PS4 by ESRB

The announcement will come as no surprise to those who scrutinize as diligently as the arrival of the Mongol invaders the news of Ghost of Tsushima: Jin Sakai will soon return in a revised version and fixes of the game of 2020, Subtitle Director’s Cut for the occasion. In katana, the cut?

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As so often, it isESRB which sells the wick, and offers a surplus of credibility to the recent rumors evoking the arrival of a bonus episode in the form of standalone: ​​Ghost of Ikishima. If nothing is specified for the moment, hard not to see in this release planned on PS4 and on PS5 the complete version of the last game of Sucker Punch.

Sakai every day around here

The detail of the sheet does not mention any real differences with the original, as was timidly the case with the PS5 version of Death Stranding a few days ago, but the presence of paid content only present on PS4 offers a sizeable clue to the content of this Director’s Cut edition, which could therefore directly include the famous extension in its next-gen version, leaving the owners of the original the freedom to check out.

Just a little more patience: as things go, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out what Sony has in store for us. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, list on PS4 and PS5, therefore.