Ghost Recon: Frontline is a new Battle royale

When it was thought that the Battle royale genre was saturated, Ubisoft came up with a new one and this time under the name Ghost Recon.

When I heard that Ubisoft has a new game in the Ghost Recon series, expectations were sky high, but they fell just as fast.

The answer we got is Ghost Recon: Frontline which will be a free-to-play game in the first person and this time a bit unexpectedly a Battle Royale game. We will play on the island of Drakemoor with 100 players in total with three players per group.

I probably do not need to explain more but you get the point if you played Battle Royale before. You can already register to join the beta, which will take place between 14 and 21 October, but only on PC. But according to Ubisoft, several tests will be planned in the future.

There is currently no release date for Ghost Recon: Frontline, but once it’s time, the game will be released on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Google Stadium.