Ghost Recon: Frontline may not get rid of

When Ghost Recon: Frontline was announced, it was not really what the fans wanted and Ubisoft now doubts whether it will even get rid of.

Ubisoft has announced at the last second that the technical test of Ghost Recon: Frontline will not go as planned today, so today the idea was that this “beta” would start.

The reason why Ubisot chooses to move it forward they have not revealed, but a big reason is probably among other things because the fans are extremely disappointed with Ghost Recon: Frontline which is another battle royale game, something they did not even ask for .

On Ghost Recon subreddit, fans clearly express how disappointed they are and that they do not feel at all like Ubisoft listens to them, but they do what they think can generate the most money.