Ghostwire Tokyo PS5: 6 Graphics Tweaks Planned

You used to choose between “quality” and “performance” on your PlayStation? With Ghostwire: Tokyo, the choice will really expand since we will now benefit from six settings!

According to our colleagues from VGC who have already collected their test key for GhostWire: Tokyo, the game from Tango Gameworks will benefit from many graphic options. We’re not going to lie to you, most of these will only be accessible to players equipped with a relatively modern and high-end screen.

Various graphics options for GhostWire

We will thus be able to choose between:

  • Quality Mode : High-fidelity rendering with ray tracing activated, and a framerate limited to 30 FPS
  • Performance Mode : An option for maximum fluidity with a game at 60 FPS
  • High Framerate Quality : a mode that uses the settings of the quality mode but without limiting the framerate, which leads to a game that runs between 30 and 50 fps.
  • High Framerate Performancee: performance mode, but without limiting the framerate, for those who have 120Hz screens or more.
  • High Framerate Quality (VSync)/High Framerate Performance (VSync) : we use the two previous modes, adding vertical synchronization to eliminate tearing problems (tearing of the image). This is intended for those who do not have a screen with VRR technology (which adapts the refresh of the screen with the framerate of the console).

The big release of March

Remember that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released on March 25 on PC and PS5, knowing that it is possible to immerse yourself in the game universe via Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude. This is a visual novel that serves as a prequel and which has been available on PC, PS4 and PS5 since March 8.

For more info on the game, we suggest you take a look at the preview of the game which was made by friend Thomas Pillon, knowing that you can find his impressions right here.