Gigabyte presents new screens focusing on gaming

Gigabyte has now presented some new screens where it may be completely unexpected to focus on gaming, 4K at 144Hz is not wrong.

Gigabyte Aorus expands with new screens and this time the screens have grown. The new screens come in sizes 32, 43 and 48 inches where all three come with 4K resolution via HDMI 2.1.

Gigabyte FI32U and FV43U which are the two smaller screens will offer 4K in 144 Hz which is clearly adapted for gaming, we have a response time of only 0.5ms and will work great with the next-gen consoles.

If you want to invest in the 48-inch model, you get 4K, but you have to settle for 120 Hz in refresh rate, which is still good but a little longer than the smaller screens.

Unfortunately, we do not know when any of these three screens will go on sale, nor how much they will cost.

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