Godfall: Ultimate Edition Coming to Xbox on April 7

Your time has come, Valorians! Godfall: Ultimate Edition marks the arrival of the epic action RPG on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The Counterplay Games team can’t wait for the Xbox community to dive into this epic high fantasy playground we’ve created for you. Let’s take a look at some of the great content you’ll discover when Godfall: Ultimate Edition will be launched on April 7, 2022.

god drop is a melee action RPG specially designed to be the hobbyist’s dream. Playing as Orin, you’ll find Aperion on the abyss of doom. You and your small band of loyal champions are the last of the Valorian knights, divine warriors who can equip Valorplates. These legendary armor sets transform those who wear them into unstoppable masters of melee combat, using powerful elemental and status effects to rip through enemies. Your goal is to climb through the elemental realms and challenge Macros, who quickly acquires the necessary resources to ascend to the status of a god.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition includes the core game and a year and a half of post-launch updates, including the massive Primal, Lightbringer, and Exalted updates plus the Fire & Darkness expansion. Godfall: Ultimate Edition retails for $39.99, with a special limited-time Xbox launch price of $29.99!

Take on the epic campaign in single player and co-op

The story of god drop take players on an adventure through the three elemental realms of Aperion, alone or with up to two other players as you fight for the final showdown with the twisted fallen knight, Macros. If successful, an even greater threat will arise with the arrival of Moirax and the Flameblood Tribe in the deadly Fire Realm of the Fire & Darkness expansion. The enemies in the Realm of Fire are as diverse as they are formidable and will test even the best equipped knights. The Exalted Update brings a host of story updates and improvements, including new cutscenes, a larger Macros dialog box, contextual loading screens, and more NPC interactions. Make these changes god drop more immersive than ever before!

Godfall: Ultimate Edition Screenshot

Choose your value plate

These 12 unique suits of armor, inspired by the signs of the zodiac, each offer different powers, from summoning spiritual backup, returning damage to enemies or amplifying attacks with elemental infused status effects of fire, earth, air and water . They are unlocked by spending resources collected from various resources in the Realms of Aperion. Valorplates can be further strengthened thanks to the new Shard system.

As a specific Valorplate arrives, players must meet unlocking requirements such as defeating enemies or locating points of interest in the Spirit Realms game mode to unlock Shards. Once unlocked, the Shards are equipped with the Valorplate, activating an additional ability associated with a triggering move in combat. Shards can be upgraded up to five times at the Forge, scaling the benefits. After all four shards on a given Valorplate are unlocked, it becomes Ascendant and gains a second ability. In fact, once all four Shards are leveled to rank five, the Valorplate is elevated and gains a third ability, such as massive boosts to disease damage.

The craftsman’s dream

There’s no shortage of awesome loot to get your hands on god drop† And you better believe that the Exalted Update is packed with features to help you navigate all these treasures, as well as a host of new cosmetic options for you to unlock. Knowing that each battle and challenge may require its own special approach, players can customize and store up to three gear for each Valorplate. Make sure to keep experimenting until you find the ultimate build that fits a god!

Godfall: Ultimate Edition Screenshot

We couldn’t call god drop an action RPG if not packed with an array of deadly weapons for players to master and collect. Players await five weapon classes, each with their own playstyles and attributes. These include the fast and deadly longswords and double blades; the powerful far-reaching polar weapons; and the destructive war hammers and big swords that are perfect for slashing through enemies.

By defeating enemies, players gain experience that helps them climb to level 50. Each level grants a player a skill point that can be used to improve various traits and your moves in combat. The journey doesn’t stop at just level 50 – players can power above the level cap through as many as 450 Ascension Levels to gain new powers and bonuses, giving them the upper hand against our hardcore endgame challenges.”

A range of rewarding endgame activities

Godfall shines brightest when players have the opportunity to put their brilliantly crafted builds to the test. And what better way to do it than inviting your friends to loot and slice through the game’s various endgame modes? Players can matchmake with up to two other players to challenge Godfall’s unique endgame modes such as Dreamstones, Tower of Trials, Lightbringer and the brand new six-player Spirit Realms. My personal favorite of these great options is battling it out against increasingly ferocious enemies in the Ascended or Exalted Tower of Trials. These modes are wave-based in nature and will be your gateway to legendary gear that can only be accessed by climbing the tower and facing high-level bosses. Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X players can all take part in endgame matchmaking together – so be sure to bring some friends!

Godfall: Ultimate Edition Screenshot

Xbox Exclusive Enhancements

When we wanted to create Godfall, we wanted to create a lush and vibrant world. Metals had to be shiny and visual effects had to stand out among the backgrounds. With our arrival on Xbox, these desires have risen to 11. Xbox players will be able to experience Godfall’s visuals like never before with the addition of Variable Refresh Rate and Dolby Vision for HDR-compatible displays. We spent a lot of time tweaking every visual effect in the game and we hope you can feel this labor of love, or at least take advantage of the effort with brighter highlights, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colors throughout the experience.

The complete experience

Godfall: Ultimate Edition is a complete premium experience. There are no microtransactions or DLC to deal with – all cosmetics can be earned by reaching milestones and completing in-game challenges, and the Ultimate Edition even includes the original Ascended Edition and pre-order rewards! We’ve been listening to player feedback since Godfall’s launch and have worked incredibly hard to bring as many of the community’s most requested features to the game as possible. Combat is faster and smoother with a knockdown recovery ability; inventory management is more streamlined and robust; Valorplates feel diverse and offer unique playstyle options; the story experience has been improved and there are now dozens of new weapon banners and shield cosmetics to unlock. We can’t wait for this new group of knights to explore the world we loved making.