GOG’s winter sale has begun, Prison Architect is being given away for free

Just two and a half weeks ago, the Black Friday sale ravaged GOG, and now it’s time again; the big winter sale has started now, and to celebrate, Introversion Software’s prison simulator is also donated Prison Architect away completely free for another 70 hours at the time of writing.

To pick on you Prison Architect you just need to steer the cow to GOG’s main page, look right at Prison Achitect-banner and click on it. Among the more than 3,300 offers, GOG chooses to highlight among others Control: Ultimate Edition (50 percent sale) and Bioshock Infnite Complete Edition (75%). Also The Journey Down Trilogy (75%), Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (75%) and Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (75%) stand out, along with The Outer Worlds (50%) and Kingdom Come: Deliverance (60%).

Here is a trailer for Prison Architect.