Google has finally introduced several new Nest cameras

Google has finally introduced new Nest cameras that come in slightly different designs but much smarter than before.

These are four new Nest cameras and all four have roughly equivalent functions but slightly different prices and different power supply.

Google has worked hard to make the cameras smarter and should issue intelligent warnings, among other things, it should be able to detect when you get a package delivered and in turn keep track of the package if this should leave in front of the camera.

Google Nest Doorbell

This time, Google has made it possible to use Google Nest Doorbell completely wirelessly, ie through a rechargeable battery. The bell has also been given a new design that is white this time and attached to the wall by screwing a “rail” to the wall and then attaching the bell itself via strong magnets.

This time, Google Nest Doorbell will alert us if we have package delivery, nearby animals, vehicles, or just people approaching the camera.

Google Nest Doorbell will go on sale on August 24 and the price tag is SEK 2,199.

Google Nest Cam floodlight

Google Nest Cam

Of course, Google Nest Cam also gets an update and this time the camera comes in three different versions, a regular Nest Cam just like before but which this time is wireless and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The other Nest Cam is corded and can only be used indoors and is also the cheapest model, but with all the smart features.

Last but not least, we have Google Nest Cam with Floodlight which is equipped with two headlights and lights up really if something should move in front of the camera, this camera is unfortunately not wireless.

Nest Cam, which is battery-powered, will go on sale on August 24 and the price tag is SEK 2,299. If you are craving Nest Cam with Floodlight and Nest cam for indoors, you will unfortunately have to wait until later this autumn, however, we know that Nest cam with cord will cost SEK 1,049 while Nest Cam With Floodlight will cost SEK 3,449.

Google Nest Cam battery


  • Google Nest Cam (battery) – SEK 2,299
  • Google Nest Cam Floodlight – SEK 3,490
  • Google Nest Cam – SEK 1,049
  • Google Nest Doorbell – SEK 2,199

Google Nest Cam