Google is releasing several new updates to Google Maps

In connection with Google I / O 2021, the company announced that several new updates are being rolled out to Google Maps.

The first should be so that car drivers do not have to make hard braking so often. This is because Google Maps AI takes this and tries to reduce the chance of hard braking when calculating your route.

The second update makes it possible to access Live View directly from the map. This so that users can see information about things like shops and restaurants and see road signs in AR. These details

The third update makes it possible to see how many pedestrians move in an area during a certain time of day, as it has previously been possible to see for shops.

The fourth update is that the map will start showing places based on what is most relevant to the time of day. This is so that the map should be easier to decipher by not being overloaded with icons.

The fifth update is to Google more detailed maps will be available for another 50 cities this year.

All new features will begin rolling out globally to Android and iOS in the coming months.

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