Google is showing several upcoming Android features

Google has published one blog posts about upcoming news in Android, written by interaction designer Tiffany Yang. In the post, she goes through a number of features that will appear in Android in the coming weeks and in some cases the months.

“Family Bell” calls the company a new function with collective notices and alarms for family members connected to family sharing. Anyone in the family can set common reminders and alarms that everyone then hears.

Three new home screen widgets on Android 12 are also coming: Google Play Books, Youtube Music and Google Photo People and Pets.

In addition to a widget, Google Photo also gets a new memory feature similar to Apple, which automatically collects selected photos and videos from different occasions such as Christmas and New Year.

Android Auto gets several improvements, including support for digital car keys, which was first presented this summer, will now start to be activated in selected countries on Pixel 6 and Galaxy S21 with compatible BMW models.

After not using an app for a while, Android will soon reset its privacy settings. For example, if you installed an app and gave it access to contacts or other but then did not open it for several months, the permissions will be revoked and if you open the app again, it will have to ask for permission again.