Google Nest Hub gets more sleep features

The second generation Nest Hub was released earlier this year and includes a radar-based technology for sleep tracking called Soli. Now Google announces that a software update is being rolled out with several improvements.

First, Google’s developers have trained a machine learning algorithm to correctly determine at what stage of the sleep cycle you are, and Nest Hub can thus show when during the night you have slept deeply, dozed off or in so-called strap sleep.

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Another feature of the second generation Nest Hub is the tracking of sounds such as coughing, snoring and more. Previously, it did not make a difference in where these sounds came from, but in the new update, the analysis is limited to the sounds that are expected to come from your calibrated sleeping area (for example, your half of the bed if you share a bed with a partner). This should allow noise from a partner, a pet in the room or someone else in the home to be ignored.

Google also announces that an update in December will add support for meditation exercises thanks to a partnership with Calm.

Sleep tracking in Nest Hub will be free until at least the end of 2022, but after that Google plans to include it as part of the Fitbit Premium subscription.

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