Google Photos ends up with unlimited storage

Google Photos

Google Photo is a service that many people appreciated mainly because you could store as much as you wanted, but now it’s over.

Google Photos has been with us for five years and right from the start, Google was clear that there is unlimited storage for the service. But now Google announces that it will stop this.

From June 1, 2021, Google will stop with the unlimited and then it will “only” get 15GB in storage for photos and video. But if you already have a lot of material uploaded to Google Photos, this will not count until June 1 and after that you get 15 GB for storage of Google services such as Gmail, Photo, Drive etc.

This is very sad and I was hoping that Google would continue to provide us with unlimited storage. If 15 GB is not enough, you have to pay and 200 GB for 290 kronor a year or 2 TB for 999 kronor a year.