Google plans to stop showing ads based on browsing history

Google announces now that they are planning to stop selling advertising that relies on users’ individual browsing history. The company also says that in the future they will not build any tools that can be used to track specific data between the company’s products.

“People should not have to be accepted to be tracked across the web to access the benefits of relevant ads,” David Temkin, head of product management at Google’s advertising department, wrote in an official blog post.

“And advertisers should not have to track individual consumers across the web to access the performance enhancement that digital advertising entails.”

Google’s plans are instead to start delivering relevant ads to users using new programming interfaces that do not have to intrude on their privacy.

“Advances in aggregation, anonymization, processing on devices and other privacy-preserving technologies have given us a clear path forward to replace individual identification.”

In the past, Google has also decided to remove support for third-party cookies in Chrome, which greatly prevents data tracking opportunities for both sites and advertisers.

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