Google releases new Drive for Desktop – will replace Backup and Sync

For many years, Google has had a program for Mac and Windows that syncs files between your computer and your storage space on Google Drive, and can even back up any images from your computer to Google Photos. It is aptly named Backup and Sync.

At the same time, since 2017, the company has had a completely different program for G Suite users (now Google Workspace). It was previously called Drive File Stream but changed its name to Google Drive for Desktop at the beginning of the year, a name change that turns out to be a harbinger of what was to come.

Google now has namely announced Backing up and syncing will be discontinued soon. A new update of Drive for Desktop has been released for both Windows and Mac that adds features to sync folders to Drive and Photo, and soon users will be notified that it’s time to upgrade to the new program.

Already at the end of September, Backup and Sync will stop working and those who want to continue syncing to Google Drive must then get Drive for Desktop.

With the new features, Drive for Desktop can function like the old program, but can also be used as a network disk where files are streamed to the computer without being stored there, so that you can easily access up to several terabytes of data in the cloud on a small laptop with just a couple of hundred gigabytes built-in.