Google Stadium now finally works on Android TV

Google Stadia can be played on many different devices and now also directly on TV if you drive on Android TV, no Chromecast is required anymore.

I do not really understand why it has taken so long for Google to make Google Stadium available on all their operating systems, but now it is finally starting to release at least on TV.

Google now announces that it will be able to access and play on Google Stadia directly in Android TV, so no Chromecast or the like will be required, you can see your entire Google Stadia library directly on your TV.

You just need to download the Google Stadia app in your Android TV, connect your Stadia control to the TV and then just drive, which TVs are compatible with this you can see here.

Google has previously said that they are working with more manufacturers who do not run on Android TV to offer Google Stadia, including soon new TVs from LG at the moment.