Google sues Epic – “breaches Play Store contract”

When Epic Games last year activated a hidden alternative system to buy upgrades in Fortnite on iOS and Android, both Apple and Google responded by removing the game from their stores and shutting down the company’s account. Epic countered by immediately filing a lawsuit against the companies.

Apple soon filed a lawsuit, and a month ago, the verdict fell, with Apple winning by nine out of ten points. Epic appealed, and now Apple has done the same.

The dispute with Google has been slower. Last summer, 36 states filed a joint lawsuit against the company claiming that the Play Store violates US competition law, and now Google has finally chosen, like Apple, to file a lawsuit against Epic, reports Zdnet.

Google’s lawsuit alleges that Epic has very knowingly violated its agreement with Google, and has made money from the breach of contract.

The company writes that, unlike Apple, it has no problem with external payment solutions if Epic distributes its game itself, but that Epic chose to enter into an agreement to be able to distribute it via the Play store, which means, among other things, that the buy-in-the-app must use Google’s system.

Google wants compensation for the lost revenue from all transactions made with Epic’s own payment solution.