Google to brutal rcs attack on Apple: “Holds back”

Google has long complained that Apple’s Imessage has not been made platform independent, but in a new attack, Android CEO Hiroshi Lockheimer accuses Apple of holding back the entire industry by not adopting the new standard rcs that Google wants to replace sms.

In a Twitter thread Hiroshi Lockheimer writes that Google is not asking Apple to open Imessage, but to add support for rcs in iOS so that iPhone and Android users have a better way of sending regular messages to each other.

Rcs (Rich Communication Services) is not in itself fully encrypted, so the difference from SMS is mainly that it supports high-resolution images and that you can see that the recipient has read the message and when he is writing a reply.

The standard has also not been adopted by all mobile operators around the world, partly because it is not a standard they must follow and because, as Google says, it does not exist on the iPhone.

Worth mentioning in this context is that in the US it is still common to use SMS for communication between iPhone and Android users, while the rest of the world uses Whatsapp, Messenger, Line, Wechat and other apps. Google’s new complaint also comes after one report in the Wall Street Journal about how American teenagers have made Imessage a status symbol.