GoPro presents the Hero 10 Black

Time for a new camera from GoPro and this time with a much more powerful processor that provides higher resolution and more FPS.

GoPro continues with its action cameras and Hero 10 Black is next in line this time. Hero 10 Black has, among other things, got a completely new processor called GP2 and thanks to the fact that it is more powerful, it will be able to handle higher resolution and more FPS.

Hero 10 Black will, among other things, manage

  • 5.3K and 60FPS
  • 4K at 120FPS
  • 2.7K and 240FPS
  • Images in 23MP

It will also be possible to stream directly from the camera, but then you have to settle for 1080p, which is clearly approved.

Hero 10 Black can be bought already now, the price tag is SEK 5,700.