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Grounded has amassed over 13 million players

Grounded has amassed over 13 million players

Xbox Game Studio boss Matt Booty confirmed that survival game Grounded has reached an impressive milestone of over 13 million players.

Grounded, which added nine new achievements for its full release back in September, has apparently reached the impressive milestone of having over 13 million players, as confirmed by Xbox Game Studio’s Matt Booty.

Grounded has reached over 13 million players

Speaking in the Friends Per Second podcast, Booty confirmed that Grounded now has over 13 million players. The game, which launched into Game Preview back in 2020, had frequent content updates before it hit its 1.0 release this year on September 27th.

Grounded is available now with Xbox Game Pass — there’s a lot more on the way for the service; check out our big list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2022 and beyond to see what’s on the Game Pass horizon!

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