Grounded’s insects strike back with vengeance

Today the grounded team launches the latest free update of the game: The insects strike back, available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11 and with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Steam Early Access. Players have had fun exploring the garden since the early access launch and beat many, many, many bugs. But the critters are tired and can no longer tolerate the attacks.

Newly added to grounded are three different ways the bugs can take revenge on players. First, in true Obsidian fashion, there’s: Faction Reactivity† Bugs will take the fight back to your base if they get tired of you invading their territory or killing their species. The more you irritate a particular species, the more likely they are to come knocking on your door.


Second, you can decide what type of bugs you want to attract with the waft transmitter† Throw your pile of collected insect parts from crashed creatures into the machine and watch the mix float through the garden. This causes the accompanying bugs to become enraged and want to take revenge on you. Of course, the more you add, the angrier the bugs will be, so keep that in mind and don’t just throw in piles of parts without thinking about it.


Rounding out the trio, there are the new ones MIX.Rs scattered around the yard. These tanks mix up some good old science for Wendell’s experiments. Players can get that heap of Raw Science for themselves by turning on the MIX.R, but that will overdo the system causing it to make a scene. The bugs around are not friendly to what the MIX.R does and will do anything to destroy it, so it’s up to players to defend the MIX.R until the process is over to get that huge reward from Raw Science to be collected from each.

Building bases will help you defend against the hordes of bugs hitting back at players, but the team has also made sure to add some new items for help. Players can now upgrade their armor, ultimately deciding on a permanent improvement, such as a cloud of dust released when attacked, or an increase in the amount of damage they can take. New turrets have been added, such as the Pollen Turret which can help slow down and stun the creepy crawlers as they try to tear down bases. The Pebble Turret shoots pebbles at high speed to keep the hordes at bay. And the newly added Explosive Burr Traps will remain inactive until players decide to spice things up by strategically placing and dropping them off.


It’s not just building a good defense that gives players an advantage against the swarm. A new feature added to the PEEP.R allows players to “peek” creatures, giving them a collectable creature card. These cards contain information about what that insect is weak and strong against, how many of the creatures the player has killed and more to help the players in their travels. There’s even a chance to get your hands on very rare gold editions of these cards, so go out and peek inside.


While the basic defense features, armor upgrades, and hordes of revenge-ridden bugs make up the bulk of this update, there’s also a slew of new community-requested quality-of-life features making their way into the game. From the ability to name all the individual boxes players took the time to organize their hard-earned and crafted items, to being able to dispose of those piles of items a “friend” threw across the yard when they “helped” clear grass, there has a lot in store. View the latest grounded Developer vlog on the Obsidian YouTube Channel for more details, or view the full patch notes. As always, the team encourages players to share their feedback on everything in this update with them via the official Discord server so we can keep making together grounded the game we all want to play.

grounded is available now as an Xbox Game Preview title for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, and with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Steam Early Access for $29.99.

For more information, please visit the official website