GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: Preloading has started, but not everywhere

Although it is a compilation of games initially released on PS2, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is nonetheless one of the most anticipated titles of this end of the year. This is why some players may wish to have the opportunity to prepare themselves so that they are ready to play as soon as it officially goes on sale. This possibility is given to those for whom the dematerialized game does not pose a problem. But it is not given to everyone at the same time.

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition can now be preloaded on some platforms. Indeed, players who have pre-ordered the digital version of the compilation from the Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop can download it from now on their console. So this concerns the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the compilation.

Nintendo and Xbox on the front line

For their part, PlayStation players will have to wait a little longer. On the PlayStation Store, preloading will begin overnight Friday through Saturday at midnight KST. It is therefore at this time that PS5 and PS4 players will be able to pick up Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is part of the remastered trilogy.

On PC, however, players will have to wait until the last moment to retrieve the compilation. Rockstar has indeed revealed that preloading will not be offered on PC. As previously stated, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will be available on PC via the RockstarGames Launcher.

Play dematerialized, play first

Players who have pre-ordered and preloaded the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will be able to start playing it at 3 p.m. KST on November 11. It is at this time that the American publisher will officially launch its compilation. In dematerialized version only.

As previously mentioned, the physical version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will not be released until December 7th. It is on this date that the platforms listed above, with the exception of the PC, will receive the boxed version of the compilation. Obviously, Rockstar is counting on the impatience of GTA fans to get them to switch to digital gaming.

Remember to finish that on iOS and Android of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, players will have to wait until next year.

Have you ever taken advantage of the ability to preload a game before release? Can this option encourage you to opt for the dematerialized version of a game? Give us your opinion in the comments below.