Guardian Games is back in Destiny 2

We are approaching May and with that, the Guardian Games will return. After Zavala has managed to secure a ceasefire with Caiatl, the tower and its inhabitants take the opportunity to let go with some sporty, more relaxed events.

Hunters, Warlocks and Titans will face challenges that test their courage, skill and determination. As usual, these challenges are shared by the filthy aunt Eva Levante. Unlike previous events, the three classes compete for medals every week, which then affects next week’s competition. Who will be on the podium at the end?

During the Guardians Games, players can receive special rewards, including a catalyst for last year’s exotic Heir Apparent. There is also an exotic sparrow, legendary class items, two emblems and two shaders to get. Eververse will have new ornaments themed for the Guardian Games. We also get to see an ornament for Heir Apparent, as well as exotic emotes that go into the event’s theme, etc.

Bungie rewards will also be available to those guardians who complete the opening mission, giving them the Guardian Games track jacket. Players participating in the closing ceremony will be able to purchase a gold medal to honor the winning class.

At the end of each week, there will be podium ceremonies that give gold, silver and bronze auras to the different classes. These auras last the rest of the week, until the next ceremony begins. The closing ceremony will take place between 7-9 May, together with a trophy that will stand as a showpiece in the tower during the coming year.