Guardians honor the legends | Varvat

Destiny 2 has a new event coming up and it is Solstice of Heroes. With this event, guardians get a chance for glory, fame, treasures, armor and new legendary weapons. Solstice of Heroes is a celebration of those who defended The Last City and next week, starting on July 6, the celebration will begin. The Guardians will have to go into European Aerial Zone to defeat bosses and unlock caches.

Each day during the month-long event will have a special element as focus. Guardians must match their subclasses to today’s elements to upload one of four unique element buffers. On Prism days, Guardians can upload all four buffers, but can only activate one at a time.

In addition to the upgrade kids with class-specific armor, this year’s Solstice of Heroes will introduce one new legendary shotgun, an exotic ghost, emblem and Solstice package packed with goodies. Eververse will offer shimmering universal ornaments for silver and bright dust, matched with the guardian’s subclass. New ships, sparrows, and cosmetics are also available to collect!

Players can get a new emblem by completing the introductory quest. Finish the last part of the Solstice armor set to be able to buy the exclusive one 2021 Solstice of Heroes-tishan from Bungie Store.