Gucci releases its Xbox Series X version

Gucci Xbox Series X

Gucci has now released its version of the Xbox Series X how they think the console and the controls should look, as usual not cheap.

Many people may think that the Xbox Series X is already an expensive console, but if you choose to buy Gucci’s version of the console, it will be significantly more expensive.

Now Gucci has shown what they think the Xbox Series X should look like and as you can see in the picture, the console itself is dressed in the Gucci logo, the hand controls have also got a SMALL design, very small.

In addition to the console and two hand controls, Game Pass will also be included, however, how long is unknown.

For this Gucci Xbox Series X, you have to pay as much as 10,000 dollars (!), It is also limited and will only make 100 pieces, sales start already on November 17 in Gucci’s larger stores.

Gucci Xbox Series X