GUIDE: Switch to SSD hard drive in your PS4 Pro

Does the PS4 Pro begin to feel a little tired and loud? Give it a whole new life with an SSD, we will teach you (it is easy to do and you can clean a little while you are still doing!)

This year comes as you know Playstation 5 to be released, but the faithful Playstation 4 Pro, from the fall of 2016, still has a lot left to give (the big game Ghost of Tsushima in July and Cyberpunk 2077 this fall, though they’ll both be released in improved PS5 versions as well).

However, four years is not insignificant in the technology context and your PS4 Pro may have collected both dust and begun to feel a little tired in the charging times. Sony will certainly ship with a 1TB hard drive in its premium console, but it is of the mechanical variant and of the slower kind, at 5400 rpm. A good SSD will make your machine feel like new, it can also help reduce fan noise and even make your PS4 Pro actually draw slightly less power. You can choose any 2.5 ″ SSD (max 9.5mm thickness), our choice fell on Kingston KC600 1TB which gives good speed for reasonable money (550 MB / S roughly what the PS4 Pro manages internally and currently costs around SEK 1,400 with a five-year guarantee – good!). If you have advice, you can drive on 2TB directly, but expect it to be considerably more expensive (currently costs almost as much as the whole machine). Rather expand with an external SSD of 1TB to that case.

You who have the old base model of the PS4 can have a look at our previous guide to replace the hard disk, even if it was done with mechanical hard disk upgrade (what time has passed since 2014, huh?). (Do you have the PS4 Slim you follow this guide).

The good news is that the PS4 Pro is yet easier to replace hard drive: even if you have your thumb in the middle of your hand, you can easily fix it in 30 minutes with reinstallation! All you need is a Philips / star chisel, a USB memory of at least 1GB and an internal connection (to pre-load the memory, which can be done at any time).

Before you begin

Take backup! Sync your trophies with the PSN servers (enter trophies, select OPTIONS and “Synchronize trophies”). You who have PS Plus can also upload all your savings files in the cloud (via the System Settings menu). Finally, you can save a lot of time transferring all games to an external disk (why not an SSD?) And just plug it in and run on the same PSN ID (or transfer from the external to the newly installed internal SSD disk, which is supposed to be slightly faster than the one connected via USB 3.1).

An antistat wristband is not a must, but is recommended to avoid statistical electricity that can damage the machine’s components. Costs under the hundred at your local electricity dealer.

antistatic bracelet

Ready to switch to SSD? Let’s go!

  1. Turn the PS4 upside down with your butt towards you. Peel off the door that sits to the left (it may be a little sluggish), by tying up the right edge.
peel off hatch hdd ps4 pro

2. Unscrew the screw that holds the HDD slider in place (Philips chisel or any chisel that fits, works)

screw up HD4 sled PS4 pro

3. Pull out the sled with the hard drive.

pull out hdd sledge ps4 pro

4. Unscrew the four screws that hold the hard drive in place in the carriage (be careful not to unscrew the soft anti-vibration pads, even if they are not needed for SSD in the same way, as we avoid moving parts with the technology).

change hdd to ssd ps4 pro

5. Screw the SSD in the same place (and with the connection outward) and then follow this guide upwards, in reverse order to put everything back together (if you would not remember the steps).

Launch the PS4 Pro with the new SSD

  1. Format your USB flash drive to ExFAT and give it a suitable name (for example PS4)
  2. Browse on the PS4 software website and take the new install version (reinstallation file).
  3. Create a folder on the USB memory called in PS4, and inside this a folder named UPDATE.
  4. Add the file you downloaded (PS4UPDATE.PUP) i UPDATE folder.
  5. Insert the USB memory into your machine and launch the PS4 Pro by holding down power button seven seconds (wait for the second beep). Select option 7 (reinitialize PS4 system, usually be preset if your disk is new).
  6. Wait for the system to be initialized, then just add users and log in with your PSN information and start antigen restoring the games from your backup disk, plug in the external disk you had (with games) or just take the opportunity to download what you are actually playing right now and enjoy brand new speeds! Don’t forget to sync your savings files from the cloud, unless you backed up a hard drive.

Congratulations, your PS4 Pro just got new, nicer life with an SSD and you can spend more time on gaming and less time waiting!

Gold Star (optional): Take care to blow away dust

If you live with pets, smoke or have the PS4 near windows / balconies, the machine will in time draw in a lot of dust and coatings. The suction takes place via the lower part, which is why you should never have your PS4 Pro on the floor without in – or preferably on – a sensible piece of furniture with generous air intake all around.

Lift off the top cover by tapping your fingers at each edge (it is a little small and tight the first time, you can pry carefully with, for example, a wooden tool if the nips do not feel if they are enough). Pull cover back and lift off.

lift off cover PS4 Pro clean fan from dust

Dust off what you see, either with a dry cloth or by using a brush (toothbrush goes well) to clean the fan, or alternatively a top with chemically pure alcohol. You can also blow the fan clean and all air inlets and outlets with compressed air – but be careful not to hold the container up and down as cold liquid can leak out and destroy your components.

clean fan ps4 pro
Over the years, dust and deposits accumulate in your PS4 Pro which can contribute to overheating and noise. Photo:

Extreme premium: You can disassemble the entire machine to clean the large heat sink, if you have large problems with overheating or very loud fan sound, but it requires a lot more significant and is recommended only to those who feel handy and absolutely need to do so, as it also breaks any remaining warranty (guide video can be found here for example). If you have a warranty and problems, please contact Playstation Support first of all for service / exchange.