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Halo Infinite “fell short” on post-launch content, says Xbox exec

Halo Infinite “fell short” on post-launch content, says Xbox exec

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has been discussing Halo Infinite in a new interview and has admitted that Xbox and developer 343 Industries “fell short” when it came to keeping players engaged after the game’s launch.

Halo Infinite launched around this time last year without key features synonymous with the series, and it would be fair to say that new multiplayer content for the game from 343 Industries has been lacking. Now, in a new interview with Skill Up, Xbox Game Studio boss Matt Booty has said that Xbox “fell short” when it came to new content for Halo Infinite that would keep players engaged.

Xbox Game Studios head says Xbox needs to get “refocused” around a sustained content plan for Halo Infinite

After praising 343 Industries for finalising and shipping Halo Infinite during the pandemic, which Booty described as “a worst-case condition” for a multi-hundred-person team trying to finish a game, the Xbox exec said, “As is apparent, these days with a game like Halo Infinite, shipping the game is just the beginning. There’s got to be a plan for content sustain. There’s got to be a plan for regular continuing engagement, and we just fell short on the plan on that.

“We have really retrenched, We have got some changes and how the team is set up. We’ve got some changes in leadership, and we’ve just got to really get refocused around that sustained content plan and making sure that we’re bringing a regular update of content for the players.”

Booty then thanked the players for sticking with Halo Infinite, saying that “there’s so much more” Xbox and 343 could be delivering, and that the focus of the team is “on quality-of-life for the game and getting on a regular cadence of the content getting back to that.”

Halo Infinite’s big Winter Update is a step in the right direction and sorely needed. The update includes the long-awaited campaign co-op and Forge modes, mission replay, new maps, new modes, a multiplayer XP rework, weapon balancing, and matchmaking and ranked im