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In addition, affordable graphics card, a monster screen and other tests.

Budget-friendly PCIe Gen4 storage with good cooling

ADATA XPG Gammix S50 Lite 1TB
Ca 1 421: – Adata.com

A stylish, secure disk with dynamic write cache

This is XPG’s latest game-oriented M2 device. The model uses the interface of PCIe Gen4 and is based on Micron’s 96-layer TLC flash, and Silicon Motions’ slightly simpler SM2267EN controls. At the top of the unit, we find a thin, but surprisingly efficient, aluminum flange that allows the counter to perform at the highest level during long sessions and without extra cooling.

Another advantage of this flange is that it fits both in laptops and under alternative cooling fins on motherboards. Our test model is 1TB and comes with a TBW of 740 TB. In addition, we also get a five-year guarantee and internal ECC management as well as hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption, which should also appeal to companies.

As always, the disk comes with Adata’s clearly approved SSD Toolbox; a program to update the disk, run various diagnoses or optimize performance, and more. If we go over to the disk’s performance, it is at peak rates around 3,900 MB / s when reading and 3,200 MB / s when writing, with random performance between 490–540 K IOPS.

This is far from some top values ​​for a Gen4 disk but in terms of price it is still quite ok. More interesting is instead the loading times for games where the disk generally ranks third in our total list of gen4 disks. If we go over to PCMark’s storage test, we land on 2,036 points, which is far behind Samsung’s 980Pro and WD Balck SN850, which is around 3,200 points. Is the Gammix S50 Lite a good buy choice? The simple answer is “yes”, thanks to an approved performance, good software and good security at a low price. But if we really think about it, and realize that we can almost double the performance to 30 percent higher price at the above mentioned disks, then we would probably reason a little differently. Are you a more casual gamer then yes, this is a good choice. But is gaming among the most important part of your everyday life – invest in one of the top models, because even double S50 a bit in R0, the speed will only be equal or worse compared to the tops, and this at a higher price.

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CHECK: Silicon Motion SM2267EN
FLASH: Micron 96L TLC
GUARANTEE: 5 years

Complete, wireless, gaming headphones with heavy bass

JBL Quantum 800
2 300: – Jbl.se

Functional headset with a good fit

JBL’s Quantum Series is one of the most feature-packed gaming headphones available and with this model, which is one of the top units in the series, we get a pair of well-designed headphones with a round headband with a hard plastic top to provide stability but still maintain a certain flexibility. Below this is a wide foam and artificial leather part that provides perfect relief from the head. It may be needed as it is a pair of solid lures that weigh 410 grams.

An adjustable metal arm extends from each side of the main arch, which attaches in a rotatable Y-bracket to the earcups. A solution that is both awesome looking and also optimizes the sound is that the covers are tied together by a slightly stronger, partly externally placed, sound cable. Both covers have a two-part RGB integration. Partly we find the JBL logo on the outer cover, partly around the bracket itself is a ring around the cover where both can be controlled from JBL’s app – but more on that soon.

The headphones are powered by either Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless connection or 3.5 millimeter audio connector which makes them work with most devices. However, not all program-specific options are available for all platforms and here PC users have a clear plus. On the lower part of the right cover there is a switch and a smaller button for pairing bluetooth.

On the left cover we find most of all function buttons. If we start from the top, here is a button that allows us to use a so-called “TalkThru” function. When this is pressed, sound is let through from the otherwise very good noise-reducing headphones. After this comes a small wheel that allows us to adjust the volume balance between audio and chat. This is followed by another wheel that is for the master volume. Below this is a mute / unmute button for the microphone and on the lower side there is the 3.5 millimeter port and a Type-C port for charging.

On the outside of the left cover is the unit’s folding and partially rotatable microphone. This has partly a small joint that shows whether the sound is on or off, and partly an external wind protection. The microphone has a very good sound recording and captures even lower sounds perfectly. If we choose to use cable, it is also equipped with both a volume control and a mute button.

For further control and customization of the headset, we can use JBL’s Quantum Engine which is a program that looks a bit futuristic and, unfortunately, quite messy, but which after a while of use really allows us to optimize every little part. When it finally comes to the sound, we get a classic bass-heavy JBL sound that also offers a clearly good width where both high tones and the middle register get space. What we may find a little sad, however, is that when we activate DTS, some of the higher tones are missed and it removes some of the effect. But the ability to customize the sound for different games is outstanding and the surround mode really captures distance and details really, really well. The headphones are also well suited, though not as well, for music, so when we have finished playing, we switch to Bluetooth and use them for the mobile phone.

WEIGHT: 410 g
ELEMENT: 50 mm
CONNECTIONS: 2.4 GHz, BT, 3.5 mm
BATTERY: 1300 mAh
BATTERY TIME: 14 hours
MAX SPL: 97 dB
RGB: The covers

When size does not say everything

Cooler Master V850 SFX GOLD
1 799: – Coolermaster.com

Powerful PSU for smaller rigs.

During the past year, we have seen more and more mini chassis that have room for full-size and long graphics cards. In addition, more and more real high-end mITX motherboards have started to appear, which opens up for powerful processors and memories, which can also be overclocked almost as efficiently as full-size motherboards. But to succeed with this, a PSU is also required that matches these parts and this is where the V850 SFX Gold opens up completely new doors.

This PSU is an SFX solution that only measures 100 x 125 x 63.5 millimeters, which means that it fits in most chassis. Despite the compact format, there is a 92 millimeter fan that ensures that the chassis stays cool even under tough loads, while its construction makes the fan extremely quiet and barely audible.

Thanks to the unit being completely modular, we do not need to connect more cables than our rig requires, which is clearly grateful. As the name suggests, the model is also 80 PLUS Gold-certified, which gives an efficiency of 90 percent. A good thing to know when you buy this PSU is that it also comes with an SFX to ATX board which allows you to take the unit with you when you change the chassis. The V850 SFX Gold comes with a full 10-year warranty, so it is a solution you will benefit from for a long time.

What can you then use the device for? In our test system we have run a Z490-based mITX card with an I9-10900K together with 32 GB 4400 MHz memories and dual M2 devices while we used an RTX3090 graphics card. We can hardly reach here much more powerfully than that. If you want plenty of power right from the start or something to grow in, this is a perfect model.

MEASURE: 100 x 125 x 63.5 mm
FAN: 92 mm
EFFICIENCY: 80 Plus Gold
PROTECTION: OVP, OPP, SCP, OCP, UVP, OTP, Surge and Inrush Protection
CONNECTIONS: 24-ATX, EPS 4 + 4, EPS 8, 8 pcs SATA, 4 pcs 4-pin, 4 pcs PCI-e
EFFECT: 850 watts