Hazelight studio forced to abandon the brand

A follower of live escapades and other adults raised in front of the camera, we know that Josef Fares is sometimes the man by whom the scandal happens. However, he is in no way responsible for the curious claim that affects his latest game, It Takes Two.

The case ticked all the boxes of the big bingo of the video game farce, and yet, it wants to be all that there is more real. And ubiquitous, if the notion is still valid in 2021. Our colleagues fromEurogamer have just discovered that the studio Hazelight, the developers of the very cooperative It Takes Two, has been attacked for trademark infringement by … the publisher Take-Two. Perfectly.

The duck conflict

the document filed on March 30 with the Office of Patents and Trademarks does not leave the slightest doubt on this subject:The parent company of Rockstar Games, Private Division or 2K has expressly asked the studio of Josef Fares to abandon the It Takes Two brand.

We have filed a request for immediate abandonment of your trademark after publication and before registration.

As a result, Hazelight Studios was therefore forced to drop the It Takes Two name in order to avoid the lawsuits that would likely have been initiated by one of the behemoths in the industry. For now, the game is still available under its baptismal name on the Playstation store, the Microsoft Store or on Steam.

Contacted by Eurogamer, the Hazelight studio “did not wish to speak out on an ongoing dispute”, while “hoping that it will be resolved”. For now, the Swedes are therefore unable to register the trademark “It Takes Two”. F-Squared analyst Mike futter reacted to this ad:

The conflict over the brand means Hazelight can’t protect the name, but they won’t be forced to. switch. They could do that in case they want to register a trademark, but it’s honestly not worth it.

Last June, Hazelight’s second game announced that it had sold two million copies, a pretty good score in just three months of existence. We can bet that if the unpredictable Josef Fares was one of the guests scheduled to parade at the next edition of the Game Awards, there may also be some changes …