He is believed to be taking over Apple after Tim Cook

Recently, the news came that Phil Schiller is leaving his position as Apple’s marketing manager, something that has been received Bloomberg to think about what other changes we may see in the company’s management in the long run.

According to Bloomberg, 57-year-old Jeff Williams is one of the hottest candidates to take over as CEO after Tim Cook in the long run.

At present, Williams’ title is Chief Operating Officer, which means that he is the Chief Operating Officer. According to colleagues, he is a versatile type of leader with “encyclopedic memory”, something that is well suited for a CEO.

Last year published Wall Street Journal an acclaimed article focusing on Jeff Williams where we learned, among other things, that he has long been interested in design issues. For example, he is said to have actively contributed to the development of the Iphone 4, something that impressed his colleagues. He has also shown great interest in the company’s other products and is said to be behind the focus of the Apple Watch having shifted from fashion to health.

What speaks against Williams is that he is not ranked as a major innovator and with designer Jony Ive out of the picture, many are worried about Apple’s ability to invent new exciting gadgets.

In this context, it should be pointed out that Tim Cook has not given any signals that he is considering retiring and given that he is only three years older than Williams, such a message may be delayed.