Heavy dropouts from Blizzard’s management team

Blizzard, the company behind several popular game titles such as World of Warcraft, Star Craft and Diablo, is having a blast. Yesterday, CEO J. Allen Brack announced that he is resigning with immediate effect, this writes The Verge.

Jesse Meschuk, the company’s global HR manager, also filed his resignation yesterday, something a company spokesman confirmed to Bloomberg. After the news that Jesse Meschuk left the company, he deleted his Twitter account. The background to this is a corporate culture where sexual harassment has been the rule rather than the exception.

The HR manager’s now deleted Twitter account

According to a lawsuit from the state of California, Blizzard’s human resources department has made possible the harassment that occurred at the company. Employees did not dare to complain as those accused of sexual harassment were close to the chief of staff.

An employee in the human resources department is also included in a picture from the famous “The Cosby Suite”. In a report published by Axios said current and former Blizzard employees that the company’s human resources department took the harassing person’s side instead of going to the bottom of the problems that existed at Blizzard.