Heavy message: Playstation 5 delivery issue

The hype for the next generation of game consoles is – to put it mildly – great. Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 is high on many wish lists and will be launched on 10 and 19 November in Sweden. Sony’s game console in particular has attracted massive interest, and now virtually all retailers are testifying to a pressured booking situation. In plain text: It can be very difficult to get a Playstation 5 this year.

The web hall was perhaps the first to open for advance bookings of the PS 5 in Sweden. Köpsugna was able to sign up already in April last year. But far from everyone who pre-booked seems to be able to get their console even this year.

– Quite recently, we received information from Sony that the allocation in the Nordics will be significantly less than demand. It is of course sad for both us and the customers, but I can state that some pre-bookers may not even get their Playstation 5 before Christmas.

That’s what Fredrik Lindblad, marketing manager at Webhallen, says. The store chain has felt compelled to close the advance booking but claims that, despite the limited delivery, it has a good dialogue with Sony.

– We see a clear production limitation, but of course work hard to get more consoles.

Have you even had to cancel pre-orders?
– No, that’s not how we work. But right now we simply can not accept new ones, but want to focus on taking care of the existing advance books as well as possible.

Recently, Webhallen has started contacting the pre-buyers by e-mail and informing them of an approximate schedule for when their particular order may be in progress. In many cases, it is a sad message. It can be seen, among other things, in the newly opened supportforum where anxious customers vent fears and frustration.

– For us, it is important to be transparent where we have the opportunity. We update our customers regularly, but also do not want to go out with anything too soon. The Playstation 5 mode is an extraordinary situation, even though we have seen similar trends at other major launches, says Fredrik Lindblad.

Web halls
The web hall opened for PS 5 bookings already in April last year. Now, however, they have been forced to close the advance booking.

Like the Geforce RTX 30 graphics cards, for example?
– Yes exactly. But even when the Playstation 4 arrived, many people pre-booked, even though we feel that the availability was better then.

When asked why Webhallen opened for advance bookings so early, Fredrik Lindblad answers that it is a good way for the retailer to determine how much interest there is and use it as an argument in the dialogue with the supplier. But this time it does not seem to have helped significantly as the demand in the market is so much greater than the allocation.

– I do not think we made a mistake that opened for advance bookings so early. What feels sad is that production capacity and allocation have not been better as we always strive to make our customers happy.

It should of course be mentioned that Webhallen is not alone in its precarious situation. Most Swedish retailers have communicated a shortage of units as the launch draws closer. This can be seen in closed pre-bookings at Elgiganten, Komplett and Inet. It only looks like it will be the first-mentioned retailer that can guarantee that those who pre-book will get their PS 5 at launch, according to a interview with FZ.

One player that still offers advance booking is Media Markt, which will continue to use the “first come, first served” principle.

– It has been a huge pressure. Demand is extremely high and demand exceeds supply, answers the dealer’s press contact Jenny Pedersén.

Regarding the advance bookings, she says that those who have booked their consoles first will also have them delivered first. The person who pre-books right now will, however, receive an unspecified delivery date where the answer to the burning question is “as soon as possible”.

– However, it will not be at the time of launch, but as soon as we start receiving deliveries after that. We have a good dialogue with the supplier to be able to satisfy the demand as well as possible.

Playstation 5
Photo: Press imagePlaystation 5, soon on a store shelf near you? Forget it!

Can you tell us something about possible future console deliveries from Sony? Will the Playstation 5 be on the shelves on November 19?
– It will not be available in department stores on November 19, but it is advance booking via the internet that applies and it will look like some time in the future.

Even Dustin Home still takes pre-orders. However, it is clearly written on the site that the available copies are out of stock. The customer is instead placed in a kind of queue with an unknown delivery date.

– There has been very high pressure and the demand for the new PS5 console has been greater than at previous launches, says the retailer’s spokesperson Karin Tränk.

Those Dustin customers who “at an early stage” pre-booked a Playstation 5 will get their console at launch. But exactly where that line goes is unclear, and even Dustin customers who pre-order risk being left out on the launch day.

How many copies were offered when you opened for advance bookings?
– When we opened for advance bookings, we had not yet received any information about how many copies we would receive, it is always a challenge when that information is not available from the beginning, but we chose to still make it possible for our customers to book to have a chance to get a console when released, says Karin Tränk.