Here are the companies that are most often used in phishing attempts

Net fishing has increased during the first quarter of 2021. Now the IT security company Check Point published a new report showing the brands that cybercriminals tried to exploit or emulate to steal personal information from individuals and companies.

According to the report, the most utilized industries are technology, logistics and the banking sector. The most popular brand to use was Microsoft, which appeared in as many as 39 percent of phishing attempts. This indicates that cybercriminals continue to try to take advantage of the telework in connection with the corona pandemic.

In terms of banks, both Wells Fargo and Chase have now climbed to the top ten list of the most exploited brands.

– A change that has taken place in the last quarter is the increase in the banking sector, and cybercriminals want to take advantage of us when we do banking. We encourage everyone to be careful when disclosing personal information to apps, and think twice before opening attachments or clicking on links, says Mats Ekdahl, security expert at Check Point, in a press release.

The most used brands for phishing during January-March 2021 were:

Microsoft (related to 39% of all phishing attempts globally)

2. DHL (18%)

Google (9%)

Roblox (6%)

5. Amazon (5%)

6. Wells Fargo (4%)

7. Chase (2%)

LinkedIn (2%)

9. Apple (2%)

10. Dropbox (2%)

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