Here are the first game sequences from Far Cry 6

Here we have the first real game sequences from Ubisofts upcoming big games Far Cry 6. You are Dani Rojas, a guerrilla soldier and a one-man army with a single mission: to overthrow dictator Antón Castillo and bring peace to Yara, the island that is your home. Yara is a copy of Cuba, with classic, American 50’s cars and Spanish-speaking population. To help you, you have the local wildlife, resistance movement and weapons that play Macarena.

You will find your own way in Far Cry 6, whether you prefer to sneak past your opponents or shoot anything that moves with any of the many weapons available. The choice is yours. How you choose to transport yourself is also up to you. At your disposal is everything from horses, tanks and more or less imaginative home construction. To help you, you also have local animals. Why not join a tame crocodile?

Far Cry 6 released on October 7 and if you choose to pre-order the game, there are a lot of bonuses to pick up in the game.