Here are the gadgets you need to grow at home in a smarter way

A smart start

Photo: Gardena

You have to start somewhere and what is better than a starter kit with the most essentials? Put the sensor in the garden and it will collect all the necessary information directly to your smartphone. Remaining gadgets also give you full control over the irrigation system and are also compatible with most other 24 V valves.

Costs SEK 3,315 at Amazon Sweden

Be led light over your plants

LED lamp for your indoor plants

Do you belong to the group that grows all year round? Now you can give your plants extra love during the dark months, through these specially designed LED lamps. All you need to do is plug them into standard e27 sockets and then let the lamp hang between 20 and 60 centimeters from your plant. This variety is primarily intended for growing plants, but there are also specially adapted ones that give your already mature plants a dose of artificial sunlight.

Costs SEK 199 at Kjell & Company

Smart indoor garden for cramped apartments

Smart Garden 3

Do you live in the innermost inner city, but at the same time dream of your own mini garden in your home? Smart garden makes it easier than ever to fulfill that dream, by including everything you need to get started. With the help of a smart irrigation system, LED lights and soil sensors, you get perfectly calibrated watering, light and nutrient supply to your favorite plants.

Costs SEK 824 at Proshop

Join a network of hobby growers

Green fingers online

A Facebook for growers? Swedish Gardenize is more than that, as in addition to social functions it also acts as a helper for cultivation. Document, take photos and share your garden and be inspired by other like-minded people.

Free for both Android and IOS

Read more about Gardenize here and here!

A self-watering pot


For those of you who travel, there are now self-watering pots that do the work for you. Thus, can go away on that dream vacation, without having a bad conscience. When the pot is connected, you can follow the development of the plants remotely, directly via your smartphone. But do not be away for too long – the pot is powered by batteries that you need to replace from time to time.

Costs SEK 999 at Cdon

Pleasant air for the flowers – and you

Photo: Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay, montage by Raphael Cano Felix

Plants, like humans, need a pleasant indoor climate. That’s why you hit two birds with one stone by placing a humidifier in your home. In addition, you counteract the spread of bacteria and viruses, which is more relevant today than ever before.

Costs SEK 1,388 at Mediamarkt

Let the robot mow the grass for you

Photo: Bosch

Now, of course, we are not talking about a humanoid, but a fully automatic and programmable lawnmower that can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone remotely. This variant from Bosch fixes gardens up to 500 square meters and can also handle slopes up to 27 percent. All while you put full focus on the important, the flowers and the plants themselves.

Costs SEK 8,995 at Proshop

Smart hoods for a full day in the garden

Smart covers
Photo: Petar Ubiparip from Pixabay, montage by Raphael Cano Felix

Gardening is more than just apps and smart gadgets that fix everything for you. Sometimes you are also allowed to take in the hard gloves, maybe even use one or two loud machines. Then you need something that protects your ears. Why not choose a smart option? You control everything from the mobile phone – from switching between radio channels in the FM network to functions such as listening, ie attenuation of loud sounds while amplifying faint ones.

Costs SEK 3,913 at Proffsmagasinet