Here is all the news in Homepod OS 15 that will be released soon

Next week, iOS 15 and several other system updates from Apple will be launched. Among the less described systems, we find the Homepod software, which is now based on TV OS.

Apple did not mention Homepod at all at its WWDC event where the big system news was presented, but little by little news about what will be included has leaked out and now that the system has reached “release candidate” status has 9 to 5 Mac published a complete list:

  • Siri will finally adjust its own volume based on the sound level in the room and how loud you speak. A long-awaited news among all who have tried to whisper a command and received a loud response back.
  • Support for using the Homepod Mini as an Apple TV speaker, either alone or as a stereo pair.
  • Media controls appear automatically on the Iphone if you are near a Homepod Mini playing something.
  • Homepod gets a special mode you can activate that lowers the strength of the base so as not to disturb the neighbors late at night.
  • Siri on Homepod can now control Apple TV.
  • Control Homekit gadgets with time indications, such as “turn off the lights in half an hour”.
  • Control Homepod via other Homekit-compatible gadgets.

Homekit Secure Video can now also recognize packages and send a notice. But even if Homepod comes to Sweden officially, this will rarely come in handy here as Postnord and other suppliers extremely rarely leave packages in front of the door.