Here is Logi Dock – new doll for home workers

Most usb-c and thunderbolt dolls are quite similar: A small square story with a bunch of ports of different kinds to connect more accessories to a modern computer with just a few connectors.

Logitech has now launched a slightly more headstrong doll that is connected via usb-c. It is called Logi Dock and it is immediately apparent that it is not like everyone else. Around the unusually high edges, it is covered with fabric that reveals one of the unique features: A built-in speaker.

The company’s idea is that Logi Dock should be a perfect accessory for those who have many video calls, which is now quite a lot. In addition to the speaker, there is therefore also a built-in microphone and on the top you will find shortcuts for switching the microphone and speakers on and off. An associated program can connect the doll to your calendar so that the speaker can remind you of an impending meeting with an audible signal.

In addition to the audio functions, Logi Dock has two usb-c connectors, two old usb-a connectors, display port and hdmi. An additional USB-C connector connects the dock to the computer and can supply a laptop with up to 100 watts.

Accommodation Dock is due to be released before Christmas and has a US price of $ 400. The Swedish price has not yet been presented, but expect just over SEK 4,000.