Here is Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

In November, there were rumors that Samsung is developing a competitor to Apple’s Airpods Pro, and now the Galaxy Buds Pro has been launched.

The headphones use ai-controlled active noise reduction which, for example, can turn music on and off automatically when the wearer is talking. You can choose between shutting out all noise or letting through and amplifying certain sounds from the surroundings, so that you do not miss warning sounds in traffic, for example.

Samsung has chosen a design with dual speaker elements, a base element of 11 millimeters and a treble element of 6.5 millimeters.

The company has also added an Auto Switch feature that will make it easier to use the headphones with several different devices. For example, if you have both a mobile and a tablet from Samsung, the system can automatically switch from the tablet where you watch movies to the phone when you receive an incoming call.

An interesting technology is the ability to sync the sound from the microphones in Galaxy Buds Pro with the microphones in the new Galaxy S21, so you can record video with sound from both the environment and your voice without one sound becoming too weak.

The battery should last for eight hours, with an additional 20 hours of charging from the case. The recommended price is SEK 2,490 and the headphones will go on sale on January 15.