Here is the desktop wallpaper that makes Android phones useless

A strange phenomenon has hit Android in the form of an image file that can “soft disk” an Android mobile if used as a desktop background, reports Android Authority.

The unit then starts crashing and turns on and off to the lock screen. A restart of the mobile only causes the mobile to continue in the same way when it is up and running again.

“Soft brick” means that a cell phone cannot be used, but it can still be repaired fairly easily by, for example, deleting a file or resetting the cellphone to factory settings.

You can see it all demonstrated by Android Authority reporter Bogdan Petrovan in the clip below.

The original image does not appear in this article. Please do not test to use it as a desktop background.

For the moment, not all Android phones seem to be affected by the problem. Based on current reporting, Samsung mobiles seem extra vulnerable while the error is more uncommon for Huawei and Oneplus mobiles.

Why this happens is unclear. Recurring theories are that something in the image’s metadata doesn’t respond well with Android. For example, users have edited the colors in the image and noticed that the problem then disappears.

Google has not commented on it yet.

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