Here is the list of the first certified compatible SSDs

With the release of the Beta version of the firmware that allows PS5 players to activate the M.2 port, it is finally possible to add storage space to the Sony console, provided you have the right SSD.

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The release of this firmware seems to have signaled the start of the race for certifications, in order to be able to proudly display a PS5 badge on the SSD box. Unsurprisingly, the first to cross the finish line are the leaders of the hard drive market, namely the firms Seagate (which also provides storage extensions for the Xbox Series X), and Western Digital (abbreviated WD ).

At Western Digital, it is therefore the SN 850 SSD that is guaranteed to work with the PS5, whether it is the version with or without heat sink. Price level, the SN 850 is negotiated at 178 € in 1TB version and 420 € in 2TB version, knowing that if you want a heatsink, the bill will increase to € 270 and € 553 respectively. Note also that if the use of a heat sink can maintain performance in case of intensive use, its use in a compartmentalized housing like that of the PS5 is unlikely to change anything.

Money for Nothing

At Seagate, it is the Firecuda 530 that will have to be adopted, again with fairly high prices, but like the SN 850, it is the current top of the range in terms of performance. The FireCuda is available as always in multiple capacities, with or without heatsink. The 1TB is displayed at 270 without heatsink, and 305 € with, while the 2TB is displayed at 567 € and 640 € in version with heatsink. If you ever have a lot of money, know thata 4 TB version is also available, at 1110 € without heatsink and 1180 € with. Enough to show off by explaining that your SSD is worth double the price of the console in which it is installed.