Here is the new Doro 8110 – adapted for remote control

Now Doro has launched what the company itself describes as the next generation smartphone for seniors, the Doro 8110.

The phone is specially developed for seniors’ needs with a focus on user-friendliness, clear sound and image and good ergonomics. The 6.1-inch screen promises soft lines and the lack of sharp edges, large icons and text, as well as increased motion sensitivity for lighter keystrokes. The mobile’s sound has also been adapted for seniors through adjusted sound curves and tone frequencies.

According to a survey commissioned by Doro, 32 percent of Sweden’s seniors have problems with vision, while 41 percent have reduced hearing.

The Doro 8110 is also equipped with the EVA interface, which is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Authorized friends and family can also remotely control the phone via Teamviewer. If the user would like help with, for example, downloading apps or changing the settings. The phone also has three different cameras and is water splash and dust resistant according to IP54 certification.

The Doro 8110 will be available for purchase from operators and dealers in November.

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