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Here’s every major announcement from The PC Gaming Show

Here’s every major announcement from The PC Gaming Show

Did you miss yesterday’s (June 12) The PC Gaming Show? If so we’ve collected every reveal and announcement into one place, alongside their trailers, so you can get caught up as quick as possible. 

We’ve also collected all the announcements and reveals at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, so be sure to check that out to get 100 per cent caught up as well.

Soulstice gets a release date and demo

Those excited for Soulstice will be glad to see a new trailer for the game, alongside a September 22 release date this year, and news that players can register here for access to the game’s upcoming demo.

Rotwood is coming soon

This cute Castle Crashers-inspired Brawler get a slick animated trailer during the show, with news that an Early Access period will be starting next year at the earliest.

Tactical Breach Wizards is all about magical SWAT teams

This next game has players controlling a magical SWAT team in an isometric strategy game, think XCOM but instead of aliens, it’s wizards.

The Invincible got some solid in-game footage

Set for release in 2023, The Invincible is all about exploring the planet of Regis III as scientist Yasna, all whilst marvelling in the games atompunk flair. Check out t