Here’s Google’s new move against insidious Play Store apps

Google has now introduced new rules and guidelines for how apps can be presented in the Play Store. The goal is for the new rules to make the presentation of apps clearer, more concrete and correct.

This is done by banning a number of popular methods where developers use metadata to make their app more attractive.

App names will no longer be printed in uppercase (unless it is the name of an actual company) or use emojis. They are also limited to 30 characters and may not contain calls for installations or market alleged sale offers. The same rules apply to the app’s icon.

The images and videos used to display the app on the Play Store must now also match the actual app. The material should show enough information for the user to be able to decide if they want to install the app and must not focus on buzzwords such as “free” and “best” instead of significant information. The images should also be adapted for the Play Store’s region and be easy to read.

The new Play Store guidelines will take effect in the second half of 2021.

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