Here’s this week’s new game at Apple Arcade

It has again been time for a news on Apple Arcade, the gaming service that offers hundreds of titles for IOS, Ipad OS, TV OS and Mac OS.

The latest addition is SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit, a new game with SpongeBob Square where the evil villain Benny J. Plankton hatched a plan to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula.

This is what the game looks like:

Below we list other new games that have been added after its launch last fall. To find out more about the games, visit the App Store or take a look at the embedded Youtube clips.

Towers of Everland is an adventure game where you fight lots of monsters and try to seize as many towers as possible.

Winding Worlds is a clever game that is about a girl named Willow, a mask and how to say hello then.

The_Otherside is a mix between RPG and strategy games where you solve various problems and fight monsters that threaten our dimension.

Never Song is a musical adventure game where you encounter everything from monsters to zombies on your quest through Neverwood.

Beyond Blue is an adventure game from E-Line Media. You take on the role of Mirai, a scientist who, together with his team, tries to find out the secrets of the sea.

A Fold Apart is a clever game from Lightning Rod Games where you try to save the relationship between a teacher and an architect by folding a long line of paper puzzles.

Scrappers is a game where you and your friends collect garbage in a town called Junktown. It is also important to defend against other garbage collectors who can attack you without warning.

Legend of Skyfish 2 an exciting game from Crescent Moon Games and Mother Gaia Studio. Here you take on the role of the young war apprentice Little Red Hook, the last of the Red Hook guards. Your mission is to save civilization from Skyfish’s terror.

Spyder is a game about a sophisticated mini-robot spider performing missions for the British spy organization EP-8 with the help of various gadgets and mojangers.

Round Guard is a pinball-like game where you have to defeat lots of cute monsters and complete various challenges.

Here’s what the game trailer looks like:

Loud House: Outta Control is a game where you will help Lincoln Loud and the other characters from Nickelodeon’s popular TV series with various assignments in the home and garden.

Charrua Soccer is a retro style football game where you can choose between friendly matches, contests and penalties. You choose whether you want to play against a friend or a computer.

Secret Oops! is an innovative game based on AR (augmented reality) where the various players try to make sure that the world’s stupidest spy is not detected.

Butter Royale can be described as a family-friendly version of Fortnite. This is about a large-scale food war between 32 participants where you can fire both baguettes and sauce against your opponents.

IN Kings of the Castle you take on the role of a princess who will rescue Prince Rupert who has been locked in a tower by the dragon Zantorian. On the way you should avoid traps, fight enemies, jump over obstacles and collect gems for the ransom.

No Way Home is a game in space environment where you should try to survive in a tough environment. You do this by finding out different weapons and fighting various monsters. To increase your chances, you can also try to make friends with aliens.

Doomsday Vault is an adventure game from Flightless where the earth’s climate has collapsed and your mission is to find out the few plants that remain and bring them to the doomsday vault.

Lego Builder’s Journey is a quirky adventure game set in a world full of lego blocks and atmospheric music.

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is a fast paced sports game from Bit Fry Game Studios where you let different sports stars fight against each other in a hockey match. In addition to NHL players such as Ovetjkin, you can select players from the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA and the American women’s soccer team if desired.

The idea is that Ultimate Rivals: The Rink will be followed by the basketball game Ultimate Rivals: The Court after the turn of the year and then more games will be launched in the series with the other sports that are popular in the USA.

Unleash the Light is an RPG game based on the popular Steven Universe series shown on the Cartooon Network. The playable characters are Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Bismuth.

Rosie’s Reality is a game for the whole family where you can experience how virtual objects are suddenly brought to life.

Takeshi & Hiroshi from Oink Games combines animated dolls with role-playing games. Fourteen-year-old game designer Takeshi creates a game for his little brother Hiroshi, but he secretly plays some of the monster roles on his own. For each new level, the challenges become ever greater.

guild Ling from Sirvo Studios is an adventure game where you and your best friends venture out in search of some mysterious temples in the mountains. This is an evocative game that the creator of acclaimed Threes is behind.

Marble It Up: Mayhem! from Marble it up is an action game where you must avoid dangerous obstacles, collect gems and find hidden trophies.

Sociable Soccer from Rogue Games is a soccer game where you can create your dream team by collecting 25,000 cards from 1,000 international teams. Then you can meet your friends in exciting matches.

discolored from Shifty Eye is an adventure game about a colorless restaurant in the middle of the desert. Your mission is to figure out how the colors could disappear and restore them by solving a variety of puzzles.

UFO on Tape: First Contact from Revolutionary Concepts is an action game where you chase aliens, the game is a sequel to the acclaimed IOS game released in 2010.

The Mosaic from Raw Fury is a dark and surreal adventure game about urban isolation and the feeling of being part of a machine you don’t understand.

Super Mega Mini Party from Red Games Co lets you compete in various mini games against people from around the world or create a party with your friends.

Star Fetched from Crescent Moon Games is an adventure game about a young spacecraft who mysteriously teleports into a distant solar system to defend it against an invasion.

mono Mals from Picomy is a music game where you can create your own songs while capturing animals called monomals.

Jumper Jon from Esteban Duran is a platform game where you will collect as many objects and abilities as possible in 30 seconds.

hogwash is a game from Bossa Studios in a farm environment where there is a constant battle between the pigs who want to get dirty and the farmer’s auxiliaries who want it as clean as possible.

Fallen Knight is an action game from Fair Play Studios where in the role of the knight Lancelot of the round table you will save a future city from a terrorist organization. To do this, you have to defeat a variety of “bosses”.

Yaga is an action game from Versus Evil with characters drawn from the Russian folk tales. The one-handed blacksmith Ivan is going to solve more or less impossible tasks given to him by the czar, at the same time as the mysterious witch Baba Jaga is doing everything she can to put spikes in the wheels.

lifelike is a Zen-inspired game from Kumabi Bros for all ages where you interact with various creatures and relax on the cup. The developers behind the game have previously made the acclaimed apps Blek and Frost.

Tales of Memo is a puzzle game from Ten Days that took inspiration from the classic Memory game. Here you open magical chests and when you get two the same you can use a spell to defeat your enemies.

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